Lets Have Some Sketches

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While you are at home observing your hygenic practices during this quarantine period, you can as well do some amazing things together with your children, brothers and sisters.

We understand that you have really missed our paint parties, and in order to keep you in that painting and drawing spirit, we have come up with a sketching series with a lot of video tutorials that will guide you through the sketching processes.

It is easy to get disheartened when you produce a couple of rubbish sketches, that are out of proportion and look a bit weird. Don’t worry, you must keep at it, and know that it does take a bit of time to find your groove, but when you do, it is great to have that confidence in your ability.

One good thing about skeching is that, the more you train your observation and thought-process the sooner you will feel ready to get it down on paper. This is where you will begin to benefit from also practicing your drawing skills to make sketching more enjoyable as your sketch will be more appealing as a drawing.

To start with, grab your white paper and pencil or biro as we sketch this handsome man with glasses. 

Sketching a Man with Glasses

Find below other sketch tutorial videos you can also practice.

You can also follow us on our Instagram page to see our day to day sketching activities, and guess what? you can also tell us what you would like to draw by sending us a private message. 

Sketching a Cute Dog
Sketching a Landscape Design
Sketching a Cute Kitty